Built for the future, with the vision of today

Who says mortgage, says De Hypotheekshop. At least, that is the intention. In an industry where competition is fierce, we at Van Ons have taken a close look at how De Hypotheekshop can best position itself in a market that is overcrowded. Using advanced UX techniques en customer journey analyses we were ultimately able to deliver a beautiful and ultra-modern WordPress platform that can compete with the competitors. Future proof down to the last detail.

The conversion path as a benchmark

One of the most important things for a lead-gen company is having a clear conversion path. And part of that is the final conversion itself. That is of course the ultimate goal, the user who converts. But no matter how logical it may be, it is often not obvious that this is in order. This was no different at De Hypotheekshop. The outdated website was no longer designed to convert the user. Van Ons started working on this and created a clear conversion path with the following wishes.

  • An open-source website where each branch can be managed separately
  • Conversion analysis and redesign
  • Findability Google
  • Clear environment for users
  • Link with local advisors from all branches

To start with, data from Analytics made it clear that users often dropped out quickly (low average session duration) and also couldn't find what they needed (high bounce rate). The call to actions were highlighted, and there was even a complete “settlement seeker” module implemented. All this to generate more direct agreements. Inherent in the design of this was that the user is actually taken by the hand to be guided towards the conversion so desired by De Hypotheekshop. Smart, yet subtle. This way, both the user and the provider get what they want.

The user environment with location module

From shell to castle

Once the website and the idea for the foundation are there, it is time to set it up. One of these “furniture” became a branch locator designed in WordPress. This implemented and custom made branch seeker has been quite a state-of-the-art project by the WordPress developers at Van Ons. More than 170 branches are linked to this search module, where the user can immediately find the nearest physical store to make an appointment. These 170 branches all have their own opening hours and details, all of which are included in the search. To top it all off, even the mortgage advisors' agendas are integrated into the module via a linked CRM system. This way, the user gets an appointment with the right advisor, and an advisor is never overloaded at the back end. HR and Customer service in 1.

Because the customer previously worked with a closed system, our WordPress developers chose to build a completely new website. Including modules, with a link to an external CMS and the integration of local management.

Intensive UX testing was used to set up the conversion path. Including in collaboration with Neurofied, a party that specializes in brain research regarding user actions. The cream of the crop when it comes to UX.

Location, location, location!

When you say real estate, you say location. An important requirement for this project was the ease of management of all De Hypotheekshop locations. What we have chosen is a platform where all branches are centralized on the homepage, but at the same time each branch owner can manage his own environment.

For example, an advisor from a branch in The Hague, for example, can adjust the opening hours and, if necessary, also directly enter his own availability. Due to the centralization, this is directly included in the search module on the user side. This is not only the location when looking for a house, but certainly also when it comes to a mortgage.

We did this