Love2BeMama was started in 2009 by Linda Bosscher. When she became a mother for the first time, she looked online for honest stories from other mothers but couldn't find them anywhere. Then she decided to publish those honest stories herself. Love2BeMama is now one of the best-known Dutch blogs about parenting and the blog has grown into a full-fledged online content platform, for parents, by parents.

The Love2BeMama website was created from A to Z by Van Ons, from functional design and design to launch and further development. A total of 10 different templates have been designed, all containing different blocks of functionalities.

Many functionalities that can be used flexibly throughout the site

The ad units are used to place advertising space on a page for Google Display Ads. Post blocks allow messages to be placed in certain places on the page. There is a newsletter block where users can subscribe to the newsletter. The podcast block displays the latest podcasts and allows you to play them directly. With the slider block, post sliders can be placed on all pages. And with the lookbook block, users can immediately browse through all the images. All different functionalities that can be used flexibly across the entire website!

Content migration: 3500+ articles transferred correctly

All existing content from the Love2BeMama site naturally had to be transferred to the new site. Ultimately, more than 3500 articles and pages were transferred from the old to the new technology. Including all media. And of course without sacrificing the SEO value and searchability of the content.

Custom activity map and blog alerts

The Love2BeMama site contains an activity card where the user will find an overview of all kinds of interesting places in the Netherlands to visit with the children. Think of zoos, indoor playgrounds and amusement parks. And there is a blog alert. Users will then automatically receive an email notification when a post from their favorite author has been published on the site!

Very user-friendly back-end for administrators and writers

The editors can easily click together messages and pages in the back-end and can see what the content looks like 'at the front' while editing. All functionalities can be used interchangeably throughout the website, so that each page can be constructed entirely according to the wishes of the editors. No technical knowledge is required, everything works with a very common interface with drag-and-drop options.

The back-end of Love2BeMama is completely delivered in Gutenberg, the latest technology for managing websites in WordPress. Gutenberg is based on React, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries at the moment. The big advantage of Gutenberg compared to the 'classic' editor is that the administrator can place so-called 'blocks' with functionalities in a page and configure them completely via a clear interface. Another advantage of Gutenberg is that the administrator can already see in the back-end what the front-end of the page looks like. This gives a feeling of 'live editing' and is experienced as very user-friendly.

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