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At the start of this process it was important to pick low-hanging fruit. Achieve speed gains by properly adjusting the caching, a better server setup and the code has been thoroughly optimized or rewritten in many places.

One of the coolest features of the site is the '3D configurator' with which it is possible to put together a buggy from scratch and view it all around. Mackevision (known for the 3D images of Game of Thrones) created the 3D images and the front-end, Van Ons created the API that allows the configurator and the shop to communicate with each other.

joolz website
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Constant further development

Van Ons works with Joolz on a weekly basis on various websites. A sprint is made every week and in between the backlog is filled with new action points for the near future. This fixed structure ensures that the site is optimized and improved every time, creating intensive collaboration. The ideal approach for e-commerce!

The site also contains far-reaching integrations with social media such as Instagram. Photos from Instagram are loaded onto the site, and the user can add the products shown in the photo to the shopping cart after clicking on the photo. The site also contains a separate shopping section for accessories.

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