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At the start of this process, it was important to pick low-hanging fruit. Gain speed by fine-tuning the caching, improve server setup and optimize the code, where necessary.

One of the most impressive features on the site is the “3D configurator” which allows assembly of a buggy and a 360 degree image. 

Mackevision (renowned for creating the 3D images in Game of Thrones) was responsible for production of the 3D images and the front-end. Our role was to manufacture the API allowing the configurator and shop to communicate with each other.

joolz website
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Constant development

Van Ons collaborates on a weekly basis with Joolz regarding their various websites. We make a sprint every week and fill the backlog with new action points for the coming period.Thanks to this fixed structure, we are able to optimize the site and continually improve. It’s an ideal approach for e-commerce!

The site also integrates with social media, such as Instagram. Photos are uploaded to the site, allowing the user to add the products shown in the photo to the shopping cart by simply clicking on the image. The site also includes a separate shop for accessories.

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