Akwa GGZ stands for Alliance quality in mental health care. Together with patients, loved ones and professionals, Akwa GGZ works on the development and assurance of quality in mental health care. The alliance consists of organizations that represent patients, loved ones, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers. Akwa GGZ supports them in continuous improvement of the quality of care. Van Ons created the website for this alliance, based on a design by design agency Van Lennep.

A clear starting point

The Akwa GGZ website offers professionals and patients information about quality in mental health care. The Akwa GGZ website contains clear references to related websites such as GGZ Standards and GGZ Data Portal. In addition, there is a clear news overview where visitors can read developments in the field of quality in mental health care. There is also room to promote the newsletter and the Online panel for mental health professionals or temporary promotions and campaigns.

Deepening the field and improving quality: the Mental Health Data Portal and ROM Library

In addition to the umbrella website Akwa GGZ, the website of GGZ Data Portal has also been launched. Via the digital platform of GGZ Data Portal, professionals can share the outcomes of care with each other, in order to discuss quality with each other. An important part of the GGZ Data Portal is the ROM Library.

Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) is a method in which periodic measurements are taken (in the form of questionnaires) to support the evaluation of the patient's individual recovery process. The ROM Library offers an overview of measuring instruments that can be used for this. With the help of smart filters, the professional can look up suitable measuring instruments.

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