Proefdiervrij finances research and informs the general public about animal-free innovation. The Proefdiervrij website shows who the foundation is and what it stands for.

There is an overview of projects that are currently supported and you can see which projects have been contributed to in the past. The latest developments and news can be found on the blog.

animal-free website overview

It is very easy to make a donation to Proefdiervrij on the site. This can be done once, but users can also specify to make a monthly deposit. There is also an integrated webshop where volunteers offer products with the proceeds benefiting Proefdiervrij.

animal-free webshop
animal-free webshop
animal-free webshop
animal-free webshop

Crowdfunding platform

In addition to the webshop, we also set up a crowdfunding platform for Proefdiervrij in 2016, at the start of the collaboration. The crowdfunding platform provided an overview of all current projects and the user could choose what his or her contribution would benefit. This makes making a donation more personal and relevant for the user. And not entirely without success: more than €30.000 was raised in just a few months!


Further development

In addition to all the new work that has been launched in recent years, Van Ons is closely involved in the further development of the website and webshop. For example, we have conducted usability studies to see where we could improve the UX of the website, we regularly conduct A/B tests to increase conversion and we develop new pages and templates for campaigns. In this way, we continuously work towards a world that is increasingly free from animal testing.

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