Housing association Ymere offers tenants many options to make their home more economical, warmer and more environmentally friendly. This can be done, for example, by installing double glazing, replacing geysers and gas heaters for central heating or installing solar panels on the roof of the house.

To give tenants an overview of the possibilities for their own home, the Ystore has been created: an online shop where tenants can see what improvements they can make to their home and request or order them directly online.

79.000 combinations of zip code and house number

That sounds simple, but how do you ensure that a tenant only sees the products that are specifically suitable for his or her home? Installing solar panels is not possible on every house and sometimes an improvement to a home is not yet available to a tenant. Fortunately, Ymere knows very accurately which products are available for which home. This resulted in a list of almost 79.000 postcode/house number combinations for which it is known for which improvements these homes are eligible.

Van Ons realized the Ystore for Ymere. The Ystore is a WooCommerce webshop where the 79.000 zip code/house number combinations are used as a product filter. When the user enters his or her zip code and house number, the available improvements are immediately shown. The user can immediately request or pay for this improvement. Easy for the tenant and easy for Ymere.

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