A complex platform with a Mollie, Paypal and Bitpay integration

MN Trading is an investing, trading, and learning platform for cryptocurrencies. We took care of both design and technology.

An unique feature what MN Trading needed was the implementation of multiple payment providers. Both Mollie, Paypal as a Bitpay were integrated into the platform. This allows the user to pay in various ways. And what's more, this works great for both one-off payments and subscribers.

With this diversity of payment options, we offer customers the freedom to choose which payment method they want to use. Some customers prefer PayPal due to its familiarity and familiarity, while others prefer Bitpay for cryptocurrencies or Mollie for specific local payment methods (such as iDEAL). By offering a wide range of payment options, you increase the chance that users will find a payment option that suits them. Especially for a party such as MN Trading that has many international customers, this is more of a necessity than a necessity nice-to-have. Technically this was a huge challenge to implement.

Management with depth through Statamic

For MN Trading it was crucial that content and user management could be managed in an advanced way. Due to the presence of different types Subscribers, certain content can only be shown to certain users. Managing this content is clear and simple with Statamic. So one gets Premium for example, user can see more than one Basic user.

In addition to the standard content types and settings, consideration has also been given to easily managing vouchers for courses, for example. A number of aspects that had to be taken into account included expiration dates, product variations and possible discounts.

Not only management, but also statistics and data have been made immediately transparent to the admins of MN Trading. For example, a dashboard has been built in the admin environment that shows, among other things, the number of subscribers, courses and turnover. Deeper-level statistics are also immediately visible, such as the number of Discord members or new subscriptions.

Statamic can handle large amounts of content and heavy traffic loads well. It is robust and scalable, making it suitable for websites with high traffic and complex content requirements. Want to know more about how and why we work with Statamic? Then check this link.

This is MN Trading

MN Trading is a company that takes users by the hand to better understand and even profit from the crypto market. “Trade, Learn and Earn. "

A cryptocurrency educational platform. The platform is designed to help better understand markets while improving overall returns. MN Trading strives to increase knowledge and interest.

The MN Trading team is led by Michaël van der Poppe and consists of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology and blockchain. With their expertise, they aim to provide their users with a clear and safe trading experience.

The MN trading logo

A unique connection with Discord

In addition to the standard links such as MailChimp, Analytics and Trustpilot, MN Trading requested a link with Discord. Simply put, users should be able to join the Discord server for free through a link on the website.

When purchasing a premium subscription, users can enter their Discord ID. This ID is used to give the user the 'premium' role within the Discord server. If a user does not enter a Discord ID, the user can still be manually assigned the 'premium' role afterwards.

When the premium subscription is terminated, the user's role in the Discord server is changed to the 'new member' role. In this way, the user continues to have access to the free environment within the Discord server.


Statamic offers powerful built-in caching capabilities, making your site load faster. It has an extensive system of extensions and add-ons, making it easy to customize and expand a website's functionality. Moreover, Statamic is a secure platform with regular updates and an active community for support. Statamic therefore offers a flexible, performance-oriented and secure solution for managing the content of your website.

Why we choose Statamic as CMS

In a nutshell, Statamic is an excellent CMS for many reasons. With its file-driven approach, it offers improved performance, easy version control and flexibility for customization. The intuitive user interface and streamlined content management make it easy to organize and edit content. The hierarchical folder structure and blueprints allow you to manage content in a structured manner.

In addition, Statamic offers built-in caching, scalability for high-traffic websites, and robust security measures. Statamic enables us to effortlessly create, manage and deliver exceptional digital experiences. Both content and complex modules have a place in Statamic. In this case the perfect combination for MN Trading.

Do you also need a powerful and scalable CMS?

Please contact us. Then we will look further together.


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