Less is more for a user

Part of the new design of ZorgSpectrum was reducing the number of pages. The overview had to be restored, the information more concise, and the navigation more direct. In the end we went from 300 pages back to 50. A great “pruning” operation. A number of reasons why you would want this as an organization;

Navigation: A website with too many pages can be confusing for visitors and make it difficult to find the information they want. Reducing the number of pages simplifies navigation and allows users to move through the site faster and easier.

Better user experience: Reducing the number of pages can improve the overall user experience. Visitors can better focus on the website's essential content and features without being distracted by redundant or repetitive pages. Too much information is often not good. About that more here.

Improved SEO performance: Reducing the number of pages can improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of the website. Simplifying site architecture and reducing duplicate (logical) or overlapping content can improve visibility and ranking in search engines.

This is ZorgSpectrum

ZorgSpectrum supports people who experience limitations in daily life due to one or more (chronic) conditions. They provide support, care and treatment at people's homes and at care locations in Nieuwegein, Houten, Vijfheerenlanden and Utrecht.

With the new online platform, ZorgSpectrum offers visitors a clear and well-organized site on which all information can be found regarding care in the region. From living to treatments. All categories are now more clearly present and the path to the right information is more direct than on the old platform.

Easy content management with blocks

A real content platform. And who says content in combination with WordPress, says Gutenberg.

Filling content with Gutenberg in WordPress is a simple and fast way to provide your website with compelling and attractive content. Gutenberg is an intuitive visual editor and can be considered one “drag and drop” solution.

One of the main reasons why filling content is so easy has to do with the way you organize pages. In this case we used content blocks. Pages can be created with all types of content. Text, images, but also videos and sliders are easy to manage. Each block can be edited, moved and adjusted individually, making it easy to create the layout and structure you want without any technical knowledge. Handy for administrators who want to quickly adjust something.

We also develop custom-made blocks for most projects we carry out. These are designed exactly to the customer's wishes, making them easy to use in the future. Sliders, dropdowns, buttons. Our developers can do everything Tailor-made develop.

“We are very happy with the new site. It is clear and user-friendly and we regularly receive compliments about it.”

What does the customer think?

The collaboration with Van Ons went very well. The lines were short and that made it communicate easily went. Because the contact was pleasant and smooth, any ambiguities were quickly resolved.

We are happy with the whole site, it is clear and user-friendly and we get there regular compliments about. The website is also user-friendly in terms of management. The end result is pleasant for site visitors and for us as site administrators.

The total functionalities We are also happy with what has been incorporated into it. It is very useful that visitors can filter our locations by municipality and by type of care (day care, rehabilitation or residential). Also the so-called drip block is a nice element to give certain information on a page some extra attention.

Suzanne van Leeuwen

Communication HealthcareSpectrum

Suzanne van Leeuwen

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