Multilingual platform of serious size

Omron's previous online platform was developed in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Many of the functionalities from this Salesforce package were not used, and Commerce Cloud is quite expensive in terms of licensing and implementation costs. That had to be different. These were the most important spearheads of the rebuilding of the platform reducing (monthly) costs and improving the UX of the platform itself.

OMRON is a Japanese multinational, offers products all over the world, and therefore has all information available in local languages. From product descriptions to blogs to customer support. That means that switch between languages and offering content in the right language should be quick and problem-free.

Omron has chosen to use the Statamic CMS. This is a open source CMS built on Laravel and offers great advantages when developing a multilingual platform. In this case no fewer than 21 languages. Statamic excels in flexibility and scalability, making it ideal for complex multilingual projects.

Using Statamic made easier content creation and management through the intuitive interface and streamlined workflow. Developers like us benefit from the platform's modularity and customizability, allowing us to quickly implement multilingual features. On the other hand, the built-in support for multilingualism allows users to translate and localize content easily.

Furthermore, Statamic optimizes performance by using so-called flat file storage, what results in faster loading times and a better user experience for visitors from different language regions. With built-in caching capabilities and advanced security features, Statamic is a reliable choice for developing a versatile multilingual platform that meets the needs of a global audience.

This is OMRON Healthcare

OMRON is a global technology company specializing in automation solutions and healthcare products. Founded in 1933 in Japan, OMRON has achieved a leading position in industrial automation with innovative products such as sensors, robotics and control systems.

In addition, the company has expanded into the healthcare sector with products such as blood pressure monitors and medical equipment. With a global presence, OMRON continues to strive to provide smart solutions that improve efficiency and contribute to a healthier society.

Omron is a large-scale multilingual content platform built by Van Ons

Statamic as engine

Although Salesforce Commerce Cloud is no longer used, Omron still works with the Salesforce CRM. And some data from the website still had to be added Automatically end up in the Salesforce CRM.

Integration of the Salesforce features in a Statamic platform can be achieved through custom API integrations and webhook implementations. Using Salesforce APIs, our developers were able to sync data between the Statamic platform and Salesforce, allowing for a seamless exchange of information.

The Salesforce REST API allows leads, contacts, and other data to be updated and synchronized with the Statamic system. It is essential to create custom fields and modules in Statamic to effectively integrate Salesforce data and provide a pleasant experience for users, with both platforms working together efficiently.

Want to know more about what we use Statamic for? Look here for an explanation.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Van Ons for their exceptional expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit throughout the process. Their instrumental role in guiding us toward the right infrastructure has set the stage for a more efficient, budget-conscious, and user-centric online presence that aligns seamlessly with our organizational goals.

What does the customer say?

Navigating this transition successfully, we partnered with Van Ons, a distinguished digital solutions provider known for delivering innovative solutions. Their expertise in web development, coupled with a thorough understanding of our unique requirements, made them the ideal collaborator. Van Ons played a crucial role in guiding us to make informed decisions about the right infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.

The transition process, executed meticulously by Van Ons, focused on reflecting design of global guidelines and optimizing the new infrastructure setup. The new platform not only met but exceeded expectations, offering a more intuitive interface for users and significantly reducing resource requirements when development is needed. The responsive design ensured a seamless experience across devices, addressing the diverse needs of our audience. Performance metrics, including improved page load times and reduced bounce rates, demonstrated immediate enhancements, highlighting the success of the transition. Their agile approach and focus on delivery made the all process easier.

Ozgur Kenanoglu

Digital Transformation Leader

For consumers and professionals

Because Omron offers products for both B2B and B2C, we developed two different environments. One for the consumer, and one for the healthcare professional. We have taken elements such as design and menu structure into account. After all, a consumer is looking for different information than a professional. For example, the focus of the B2B section is more on broader information provision about Omron itself, blogs and support. The B2C side mainly focuses on the products and the associated product descriptions.

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