Simple front with a complex back is a Laravel Nova platform for companies that allows them to send automated gifts to their employees, so that the HR department no longer has to arrange this. The gifts can be intended for anything: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, they can set everything themselves.

Laravel is known for its scalability and performance. It offers a robust architecture and various optimization techniques, making it suitable for building large-scale applications. With the expectation that Regelthetwel will grow rapidly in the future, Laravel Nova is the perfect choice. Although WordPress is suitable for small to medium-sized websites, it may experience performance issues due to extensive customization or high traffic. Want to know more about why we at Van Ons work with Laravel? Then check out our extensive page about Laravel.

This is RegeltHetWel

RegeltHetWel helps employers to provide luxurious, personalized gifts and attentions for their employees. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that employees feel valued by their employer, something that is extremely important in today's tight labor market. Appreciation often comes from the little things. Celebrating a work anniversary, a wedding or exceptional performance of an employee.

An organization that takes work off the hands of HR managers by automating the shipping and selection of gifts.

Laravel Nova

We used the PHP framework Laravel. In combination with the Nova admin dashboard, Laravel gives us the opportunity to quickly build a platform that we can fine-tune in terms of features, performance and security. In addition, it helps us structure the code so that the platform can easily be expanded in the future.

Content not a priority

Regelhetwel is not a platform where a lot of content is posted. It is a platform where many settings, preferences and schedules need to be processed. For example, the selection of a gift package per user. Or having the shipping of gifts processed properly in the backend.

For example, if a birthday user needs to receive a gift on a Monday, the system must be able to handle shipping on weekend days instead of weekdays. What kind of gift it should be and to what address it should be sent. A lot yews en goals that the system must be able to combine well.

A platform where both user and administrator can easily enter information.

Regelthetwel is a Laravel Nova platform for employee gifts

Some platform highlights

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • High Google Page Speed ​​score
  • Content management
  • Simple design, with advanced functions
  • My Environment for administrators and users

Also need an advanced platform? Then Laravel could be the solution.

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