Manon Meijers has been dressing television personalities and artists for about 15 years. She did this as part of the program 'De Fashion Politie' and can also be seen as a lifestyle expert on RTL Boulevard. She recently launched her book “Dress yourself happily” in which she explains how clothing can make you feel happier and more confident. Now there is an online learning platform to help people feel better clothing.

Rock-solid content in front of and behind a paywall

The online platform was rolled out a few months before the book launch. To explain the idea behind “Dress happily” in written content and to allow the target group to come into contact with the first lesson material.

The free articles on the front cover everything that has to do with fashion and its effect on your feelings. Visitors come into contact with the platform and Manon, after which they can decide to purchase individual lesson modules.

Teaching modules

In the modules, participants are guided through examples, videos and questions to arrive at their own 'style profile'. With each question the user scores a certain number of points on the different style archetypes that have been drawn up. This builds up a total score per style archetype, making it possible to unlock new modules that delve deeper into what is relevant to the participant.

The editors can easily create lessons themselves and fill them with photos, videos, tips and multiple choice questions. The 'results' are shared with the participant and, if desired, are followed up with in-depth and motivating newsletters.

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