Four different cultural venues that have a lot in common but still preserve their own identity. With that in mind, we started working for Amerpodia. The design for the Amerpodia website was created by several design agencies. We translated this design to individual and unique styles for each venue.

Full WordPress Gutenberg integration

All websites were delivered in WordPress, using Gutenberg. Gutenberg being the latest technology that runs the WordPress back-end. Editors are completely free to compile their own pages using blocks, providing more flexibility and simplicity in construction. Blocks with certain functionality can be used throughout the site.

Link with Ticketmatic

Our vision is that you’re only Digitally Dynamic when different online channels connect. Amerpodia is a good example of how this can be successful. Various theatres host regular lectures, meetings or book reviews. Therefore, online ticket sales are an important factor, when it comes to the website. Amerpodia uses Ticketmatic to track programming, ticket prices and availability.

Concerning custom plugins, the WordPress sites and Ticketmatic are properly connected. This way the visitor can easily order tickets for all events.

Front and back full integration 

Our websites are designed in such a way that they match in look and feel. Plus, they are cleverly integrated with each other on a technical level. For example, the Felix Meritis website is technologically identical to that of Restaurant Felix, while the latter has its own front-end. The technology is set up in such a way that it can be reused, making this digital channel easy to scale up.

Weekly development / updates

We maintain close contact with Amerpodia’s marketing department every week. Together we look at how we can update or improve, for example by adding new features or enhance the design and UX. Therefore, the sites are always relevant, up-to-date and fully in line with what’s occurring at the different locations.

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