In 2016, asset manager Indexus decided to introduce a new service under the name Dexxi. Dexxi's slogan is 'everyone an investor' and this is made possible by low costs and entry amounts. In recent years, Dexxi, together with Van Ons, has very successfully set up a new digital channel, expanded it and integrated it with all other channels and internal business operations. A textbook example of this Digital clout.

Corporate site with handy calculation tool and quiz

We developed a completely new corporate site for Dexxi. An important element there is the real-time calculation tool. The calculation tool calculates exactly for you the progress of your pension accrual. Various factors are taken into account, such as your monthly contribution, age and when you want to stop working. When this input is changed, the values ​​in the calculation tool change in real time.

The site has also created a number of quizzes that allow the user to test their own knowledge on certain topics. For example, there is a quiz about index investing, pension investing and annuity investing. The customer gains knowledge in a playful way and in the meantime becomes familiar with the Dexxi brand. The interactive content makes the website richer and that results in demonstrably higher conversions.

Smooth integration of the back office and super simple customer onboarding: the quotation portal.

When you become a Dexxi customer, you go through a registration process. And that process was quite complex. With the new site, that process has been simplified and fully automated via a portal. You enter all your details in the quotation portal, after which an investment profile is automatically determined and an account is opened for you. All data automatically ends up in the right place in Dexxi's back office. Simple for the customer, simple for Dexxi.

Customers can directly become a Dexxi customer themselves, but this can also be done through a financial advisor. Advisors have the option in the portal to create their customers and enter all necessary data to generate a quote.

Rollout to Belgium

The Dexxi platform is continuously expanded with new functions and improvements. And not only is the site being expanded, Dexxi is also expanding further into Europe. For example, a completely own flow for customers from Belgium was recently set up. This has of course been taken into account in the development of the platform.

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