Creating the webshop was a collaboration of minds. We needed to map the new site – what were the requirements, how could we position the products etc? Our role was to create an order process that could link to the patisserie, as the cakes, muffins, quiches are made to order! Dudok’s marketing team supplied images and texts.

Orders and deliveries are dependent on postcodes…… they define whether a delivery, or pick up from a nearby branch is necessary. They also look at whether the delivery will come from the shop, or the bakery itself. Logistical issues that need to run smoothly. Our task is to ensure that this logic is automatically applied when people use the website and that orders are processed as quickly as possible. 

Uniting off and online

A visit to Dudok is in itself a treat. The spectacular locations filled with wonderful baked goods is a sight to behold. And it’s for this reason that connecting online users with reality is really important. Not only do the cafes support the handling of the orders, they also receive online reservations – another channel, which we developed. It’s about inspiring takeaway customers to come back and eat in!

Instant success

As soon as the webshop went live, orders flooded in! It’s been an amazing way to reach a new audience and create a broader customer database. Revenue has increased from all angles – online and in house and awareness continues to expand.  

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