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The idea

To help everyone work as healthily and safely as possible, BME developed the Health & Safety Compass program. With practical roadmaps, behavioral standards and other useful information. In this way we create a healthy and safe working environment for everyone. For From U.S the task included building an app in React Native that supported these core values, and also had to contain the following specifications.

  • Unique design app and web
  • All branches linked to each unique environment
  • User registration with hierarchical environment, with different rights per user type (worker, manager, etc.)
  • Different types of accounts
  • Android + iOS

The app had to ensure, among other things, that all BME safety managers from different locations can easily communicate with each other about any safety issues within BME. With the Compass app, BME wants to digitize the submission of forms for all involved in a simple and user-friendly manner. 

Unique design app and web

The entire BME Compass ecosystem would consist of a new web environment and an app. The app is leading and the web environment is supportive. To avoid unnecessary duplication of work, we developed the app first. This would then become the blueprint for the front-end of the website. Once the layout and functionality had been tested, the web front-end was built as an online copy of the app. This way, the app and web flow seamlessly into each other.

The Compass app is available to all employees within BME. From safety inspectors to managers, and from safety administrators to admins. Because everyone must be able to work with it, user-friendliness is very important. Not least because the system must increase the safety of the workplace.

Versatile with React native

The mobile application is developed using React Native. This ensures that both iOS and Android work from the same codebase.

Developing apps in React Native has many advantages. The apps are programmed in JavaScript in one go and can then be published as both an Apple and Android app. With purely “native” development, two separate apps would have to be developed. As a result, you can develop faster and the time-to-market is significantly reduced.

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