Corporate Website & Blog

At the end of 2016, Van Ons took over the corporate website and began formulating a blog. Among other things, the iWitness program is central to the blog. Within this program, IKEA employees are able to visit projects that receive funding from the IKEA Foundation. 

In 2019, we merged the corporate website and blog, to form one new online channel. A collaboration with London based design agency Kindred, our role lay in the technical realization and further development. In addition to a major improvement in UX and design upgrade, the new website celebrates the five main spearheads of the foundation.

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GlobalSight link

Automated translations save a great deal of time. The IKEA Foundation’s content is in multiple languages, therefore GlobalSight is ideal for translations. It’s an open source platform that allows a company to easily coordinate the entire translation process. The web editorial staff places an article in GlobalSight in one language, their translators are then notified and the text translated accordingly. Usually this is sent back to GlobalSight before being re-posted. This is an arduous process, which is where we came in. By creating a direct link with GlobalSight, where translations are automatically forwarded and then returned to the IKEA site, we’ve saved time for all parties. 

Monthly updates and daily backups

To keep the IKEA Foundation website safe, updates occur monthly, which includes the WordPress core and associated plugins. We backup the database and files daily. This keeps the IKEA Foundation site protected and functioning smoothly.

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