A good customer experience ensures satisfied customers. And satisfied customers generate more turnover and reduce costs. It is therefore important to know how customers experience your services and where you can improve things. For example, through the use of digital channels.

Mapping the customer journey

It starts with mapping the customer journey. What phases does a customer go through with you and where in that customer journey can you optimize things? You can find this out by talking to customers. But inventorying calls to customer service also gives you more insight into points where customers get stuck.

You literally map out the journey on a customer journey map. You indicate where customers come into contact with you, what emotions they experience in that step and what you could do to improve the emotions experienced.

Improve the customer journey through the use of digital channels

One of the ways to touchpoints between you and the customer can be improved by using or optimizing your digital channels. Does the customer have problems ordering a product? Improve the check-out of your webshop, or launch a webshop if you don't have one yet. Do customer requests for help come in by telephone? See how you can make it easier for your customer by letting them send an email or fill out a form.

Your digital channels are not just a business card or a sales machine. You have them to increase customer satisfaction, but also to optimize your own processes. In the webinar we held with service design agency Essense, Harald Lamberts clearly shows how to map the journey. He also provides some great examples of large and small organizations that have optimized their digital channels at different touchpoints in the customer journey.