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Google Data Studio: a great first step in visualizing data.

There are many tools available to visualize data and all of those tools offer very different functionalities. For online marketers who are not yet doing anything in the field of data visualization and dashboarding, Google Data Studio is a great first step.

For starters, the tool is free to use and quite easy to work with. You will have the basis of your dashboard in place within one or two days. Google Data Studio has perfect integration with Google data sources, such as Google Analytics. And for marketers, that is often a place where a lot of data comes from. By creating a dashboard of all your analytics data, you can quickly set up a nice dashboard in which a lot of relevant information can be seen at a glance.

When will you switch to other tools?

As soon as you want to bring together data from different sources and present it in a dashboard, it is time to look at other tools. Think of Tableau or PowerBI.

Google Data Studio is the perfect tool for displaying data from Google sources, but lacks options to easily merge data from other sources. Think of sales metrics from your webshop or activities on social media. Once you are ready to also process those sources in your dashboards, it is time to take the next step to a more complex tool.

Why are custom dashboards so important?

Your data lake or warehouses contain an incredible amount of information. So much that they cannot be understood by other colleagues in the organization if they are not filtered or clearly presented. By setting up a dashboard, you as a marketer determine what is and is not relevant enough for colleagues or senior management to view.

In addition, many dashboarding tools, including Google Data Studio, offer the option to generate reports from the dashboard and automatically email them around. This way you have also found a great method to distribute the information within the organization.

Watch the entire webinar below in which Julian Jonker from DEA Amsterdam explains how Google Data Studio works.