Deep in the depths of the web, sometimes those gems appear that you can't keep to yourself. Last year in December one suddenly appeared without notice 108 count white paper from Google online. Content? The best practices in the field of UX that you need to know and apply if you want to grow with your mobile website.

Optimize in 6 areas

In the whitepaper, Google offers an overview of best practices in the areas of navigation, conversion, forms, landing pages, search functions and product overviews. In the introduction, the authors mention that while analyzing hundreds of mobile websites, they came across many common UX elements that ensure a smooth and pleasant mobile user experience. However, the fourth page in the document seems to give a warning: don't forget to A/B test the best practices!

A small selection: CTA above the fold and use small menus

On your mobile website it is important that the user immediately sees a Call to Action. This can significantly increase conversion, especially for retailers. If the visitor has to search too long for the CTA, you will lose him. Also provide a descriptive CTA, so not “click here” but “view all t-shirts”.

Place a CTA above the fold on your mobile website

A good and clear mobile menu is important, but it must be offered in a compact (consolidated) format. The menu should not be too large and take up too much space. Ideally, the menu takes up no more than 1/5th of the screen. This way, all relevant and interesting information always remains visible, but the user has the option to switch to other pages via the menu if necessary.

A mobile menu should not be larger than 1/5th of the screen