Working on your digital channels every week pays off. It gives you the space to immediately make the movements that are taking place in your company manifest on the web. A new product? An extension of the services? An extra feature in the My environment? Implementing this in your online channels is important for a consistent brand experience. You can achieve this together with your web agency. Below are a number of tips for a smooth and flawless working method.

How many hours per week should I invest?

To start with, this of course depends on the size of the digital channel and also the size of your organization and brand. There is automatically more to be done for large brands and companies than for smaller ones.

In order to make real progress, we always recommend investing at least 16 hours per week in your website or app. There is then enough time to make a good plan, come up with new features and improvements can actually be put live every week. Fewer hours are of course also possible. You often don't have weekly deploy moments, but monthly ones.

Working with sprints is a must

When you tinker with your website every week, it is advisable to work with sprints. In the sprint you record what exactly you are going to do in one or two weeks. Every feature that is created is divided into tickets. Together with, for example, a project manager, you discuss which tickets there are. In each ticket you describe to the programmer what exactly needs to be created and what requirements or use cases you impose on certain functionality.

Based on the number of hours you invest per week, it can be determined which tickets will be picked up and when. We also recommend including a 'blank ticket' in the sprint of, for example, 2 or 4 hours. You can then use them for ad-hoc jobs.

Never deploy on Friday

When the sprint is finished and everything has been approved after the review, everything can be put online. Deploying the new features is not that much work, but unforeseen situations can still arise that require time and attention from you and your agency.

For that reason, we advise never to do a deploy on a Friday, but preferably on a Thursday at the latest. Then there is another day to carefully monitor how all the new features behave in real life and you can still contact your web agency on Friday to deal with bugs or other unforeseen matters.

Work on your backlog

The backlog is the list of tickets you would like to pick up in the future. You can also add tickets in the backlog for new features or cool ideas. You often see nice features or design elements on other websites that can also be useful for your own website. Make a note of these things and put them in the backlog immediately. Then you will get a nice list of improvements for your site and you will not forget them.