This week the white paper was published “More conversion with A/B tests” written by Robert van Eekhout, founder of Van Ons. In the whitepaper of more than 40 pages, he has collected the most important things you need to know if you want to successfully implement A/B testing.

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The white paper shows how to successfully implement A/B testing in your organization and provides tools to make this permanent capability to make of. In addition to the strategic part, the whitepaper also contains a practical part. Using the Digital Effectiveness Model, you can see how to set up, execute, evaluate and improve A/B tests. With the help of 30 practical tips, you will ensure that you perform A/B tests correctly with maximum results.

A sneak peek: 3 best practices for running A/B tests

Send your test data to Google Analytics: Whatever tool you use to run your A/B tests, don't forget to send your test data to Google Analytics. Most A/B testing software shows the results of a test, but the option to further segment within those results is usually not there. In Google Analytics you can go many layers deeper through your data that yield new insights and ideas.

Also run an A/A test: We always talk about A/B testing, but running an A/A test is just as important. The purpose of an A/A test is to see whether both variants of your page that you show also produce the same results. Do you see a difference in results? Then it is time to take a thorough look at the tool you are using. Or maybe there are some bugs in the page that are interfering with the result?

Archive your tests: Do you want A/B testing to become a here to stay in your company? Then archive everything you do. Document how you arrived at the A/B test and save the results and subsequent actions taken. Save this information so that everyone in the organization can refer to it later. This way, the knowledge acquired is preserved and everyone can learn from the experiences gained.

Worksheet and practical case

40 pages about A/B testing is quite a lot. We understand that not everyone has time to read it all the way through. That is why we have put the most important things you need to do in the execution of A/B tests into a worksheet for you. Keep the worksheet at hand when you design your test to ensure you don't forget the most important things.

In addition to the worksheet, we also show how you can have a big impact with few adjustments to your site. This is proven by the case included in the white paper about Let it Grow, an initiative of Royal Flora Holland. They looked at the effect of adding a tagline. By adding the tagline, visitors gained a much better understanding of the website and Let it Grow's activities. It shows that A/B testing is not only important for more conversion, but also for the Branding of your company.