More and more companies are captivated by content marketing, devising, creating and distributing relevant content for your customers. The aim is to better inform them about your products and services, brand yourself better and ultimately generate more turnover.

But how do you know whether your content strategy is working and a success? When should you continue what you are doing, when should you adjust your strategy and when should you simply stop doing things? We looked up a few metrics for you that can help you make that choice. Check them out below!

Purchase intention

What does your content bring you? Ultimately, you want customers to purchase your service or product. What is the intention to do that? When you write about different products in your content and link to them, you can easily determine the interest or intention to purchase the product. So always provide clear call-to-actions or links to the products you are talking about in your content.

User engagement

Number of page views, bounce rates and likes on Facebook are important indicators to see whether your content is catching on. But how do you know whether the visitor has really read your content? To solve that piece of the puzzle you need to look at the user engagement. You then see whether a visitor actually reads your content completely. With some JavaScript and a handy link with Google Analytics or Tag Manager, you can see how many seconds it takes before a user reaches the bottom of your article. The longer that takes, the more confident you are that your content is relevant and completely captivates the reader.

Content citation

A less hard metric, but worth keeping an eye on: how often is your content mentioned by others? When your content is cited by others, you strengthen your position as thought leader in your market. The content you create is apparently so good and unique that others like to refer to it. Good for your positioning and when linked correctly it also generates more traffic to your site.

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