We regularly use it for our customers: Google Tag Manager. With Google Tag Manager you can measure much more in your website than with a standard implementation of Google Analytics. In addition to Tag Manager, there is now something extra for the webshop owner: Enhanced e-commerce.

Standard e-commerce versus enhanced e-commerce

You can use two special e-commerce variants within Google Analytics. Google calls this the 'standard e-commerce' variant or the 'optimized e-commerce' variant (or in English: enhanced e-commerce). Both variants can be used via Google Tag Manager.

With the standard e-commerce variant you gain insight into the purchasing activity in your webshop. You can view product or transaction data, what the average order amounts are and you will be presented with conversion rates for your webshop. With enhanced e-commerce you can go a few steps further:

  • You can see very accurately how people maneuver through your purchasing process. You can see exactly which step of the process they are in, when they add a product to their shopping cart and when they pay
  • So you can also see at a glance where visitors drop off in the purchasing process and how many there are. Ideal for implementing data-driven optimizations in your checkout process

How do I implement enhanced e-commerce?

To take full advantage of enhanced e-commerce, two things need to happen. Firstly, your webshop must be connected to Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. Secondly, the correct data must be passed on from your webshop to Google Tag Manager so that everything ends up properly in Google Analytics and you get a complete overview of what is happening in your webshop.

The first is not that difficult, the second is a bit more difficult. That's where we come in.

Create a measurement plan, submit data and start measuring!

We will thoroughly examine your webshop together with you. What happens in that online store? How does a customer navigate through the products? How does he select variants and how does he ultimately order a product? What does the check-out flow look like?

We then look at what we want to measure. You want to measure what really benefits you, because we don't believe in micro management. Of course it is interesting to know how many seconds it takes someone before putting a product in their cart, but first let's see which product goes into the cart in the first place. We draw up a measurement plan, which means that we list all the variables that you want more insight into.

Then we dive into the technology. We ensure that the site also properly transmits all data to Google Tag Manager. We create so-called 'data layers' so that Google can extract exactly the right information from the website to report in Analytics. We put all this live and the measuring can begin.

Everything is measured, what now?

Your data is now trickling in day after day. We will be ready for the first analyzes within a few weeks. We carry out a baseline measurement to see what is happening now. How many impressions have certain products had and how many sales have there been of those products? At which step in the purchasing process did the customers exit?

We then come up with all kinds of actions to increase conversions. To increase sales of a product it must be displayed more often. How can we increase the number of impressions of that product to make it more likely to be purchased? And if we see that many customers drop out at the checkout, then perhaps it is time that we make the payment button a bit clearer.

In short, we make optimizations based on the data from the measurement plan. We improve your webshop and then look at the results.

Inspired by Van Ons and driven by data, we periodically make improvements to your website so that you can continuously take your webshop to a higher level. With ditto result.

Do you want to get started with enhanced e-commerce, draw up a measurement plan and seriously optimize your e-business every month from now on? Please contact Van Ons on 020-3318177 and ask for Robert van Eekhout.