Digitalization is in full swing, how do you take the benefits of digitalization & automation without turning everything inside your company upside down? Often relatively simple digital adjustments are a big step towards working much more efficiently. 

Two examples of this are the Coffee Company and the Boekman Foundation. View the two cases below and be inspired.

CASE: Online inventory management Coffee Company

The Coffee Company is a great franchise company where service to customers must come first and the administration must be as simple as possible for franchise entrepreneurs.

We have digitized the order form for the Coffee Company and were able to automate data without adjusting the entire process and familiar working methods.

  • An order list for branch managers
  • A packing slip for the distribution center
  • Email handling
  • Reports per location (stock management, turnover figures, etc.)

Result: Adoption of end users & up to date reports

An important part is the adoption of end users. They are familiar with the order form, but not yet with the online version and its benefits. Providing good information about the possibilities and benefits creates a feeling to embrace the new form. The feedback from end users has been taken into account in the further development of the product. Step by step, more processes will be made easier, leaving more time for real business.

“The new tool that Van Ons built for us has simplified some time-consuming processes. I now have the right data in front of me at the touch of a button and branch managers can do the stock count over the telephone.”

Jacintha Benjamin – Coffee Company

Advantages of digitalization & automation

Case: Boekman Foundation

The Boekman Foundation is an independent knowledge center and conducts research into trends in the cultural sector and cultural policy. The aim of the foundation is to spread as much knowledge as possible about the cultural sector in the Netherlands.

Challenge that the Boekman Foundation has presented to us:
Working with lists works for us, we just need to be able to present the data to the outside world in an understandable and visual way.

Process and visualize 75.000+ items
Over the years, the Boekman Foundation has found a way to process much of the data in Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The challenge in this case is to present the data in a visual and understandable way for visitors to the website. The Boekman Foundation database contains 75.000+ items divided over 7 categories. In addition, the foundation manages the culture index, which is based on all data and is displayed on the basis of 80 different indicators.

Automation saves time
By automatically bringing a customized link data to the website and storing it in unique fields & templates, the administrator only needs to carry out a final check. Before publication, there is always the freedom to adjust everything as desired.

Everything in one system
In addition to the large database and the culture index, the website contains the “normal” components such as events, publications, files and several static pages. By managing the entire website in WordPress, all collected data comes together in one system and those ultimately responsible can easily work together to keep the website up to date.

The contact with Van Ons during the process was pleasant. If something had to be done, we could count on it. Van Ons thought along with us from the start and we are very satisfied with the website. All parts of the Boekman Foundation are well presented and fit together nicely. Thanks to the new website, we can present our various products in the right context. We are very happy with the website as it is now. Thanks to the collaboration with Van Ons, we now have a website in which both the library catalog and the Culture Index are integrated.

Nuran Bozkurt
PR & Communications Officer

Advantages of digitalization & automation