Last Monday Pinterest announced that there will be more opportunities for retailers to advertise on the platform. The new “Shopping Ads” were first tested as a pilot and are now available to a larger group of retailers.

The new Shopping Ads should make it easier for advertisers to create and distribute advertisements on the platform. Products are automatically read from an existing product feed, converted into advertisements and displayed according to set rules and budgets.

Something also changes for the user. There will be new visual cues that show the user that a Pin is an advertisement. The user sees a promoted pin at a glance and immediately sees the product from multiple sides.

Source: Pinterest Business Blog –


Pinterest can be an interesting platform for retailers, interior design stores, DIY chains or fashion houses. In collaboration with GfK, Pinterest conducted research among its members, the “Pinners”. A few figures from that study:

  • 72% of Pinners say Pinterest makes them want to shop when they weren't actually looking for anything at all.
  • 70% of Pinners discover products on Pinterest that they did not know before.
  • 66% of Pinners make a purchase after seeing an advertisement on the platform.

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