Email marketing is and will remain big. With billions of messages sent worldwide every day, your email needs to stand out and stand out. Only then will you promote the engagement with the reader and increase click rates in the email. But how do you ensure that your email is a success? Below are some tips.

Tip 1: make your email more dynamic

Where your email used to contain plain text and an image, the emails of the future will become increasingly animated. Sliders and accordions are no longer avoided due to the wider application of CSS3 in emails. Even hotspots (information overlays) can be added and are already being experimented with hamburger menus. An investigation of Litmus points out that just over 46% of companies surveyed are interested in using animated or interactive elements in email.

Tip 2: use a countdown timer

A very simple but very effective way to increase interest in your email is by adding a countdown timer. “This discount is still valid for 3 hours and 40 minutes” evokes the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) feeling in the reader. The user does not want to miss anything and the need to view the email becomes even greater.

Tip 3: social media in emails

Social media accounts are increasingly being included in emails. For example, using RSS you can show Instagram and Twitter feeds in your email. This way, social media content also becomes relevant in emails and you give an interactive touch to your emails.

Any more tips? Check out the EmailMonks infographic below!

Email Design and Marketing Mantras 2018Source: Email Design and Marketing Mantras 2018