The importance of online channels

Your offline and online channels determine the way you use your value proposition delivers to the customer and how you maintain the relationship with your customers. Properly delivering your product or service is crucial to making a customer satisfied. And by using your channels effectively you build a good, positive relationship with your customer. Satisfied customers stay with you longer and deliver more. And by maintaining a good relationship with the customer, you increase the chance that they will tell others about you.

Interplay of offline and online channels

In addition to all offline channels, you also have a range of digital channels at your disposal with which you can maintain the relationship with your customer. Each channel has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the coordination of all those channels is perhaps even more important than the channels themselves. By means of channel conflict Customers may experience inconsistent service and a conflicting image of your brand. Make an overview of all your offline and online channels and take a good look at them all on fire whether they deliver your product or service correctly and whether they fit together consistently.

Map your online channels with this worksheet

When you make an overview of all your digital channels, there are a number of things you need to list per channel.

  • The purpose and/or phase of the channel: what purpose does the channel serve exactly? And for which phase of the purchasing process is this channel most important? The phases of the purchasing process are Awereness, Evaluation Purchase, Ddelivery, After sales.
  • Reach of the channel: how many (potential) customers do you reach with this channel?
  • KPIs of the channel: which KPIs and metrics determine whether this channel is used successfully?
  • Integration with other channels: describe how this channel connects to the other channels. Don't forget to also look at the connection to offline channels here.
  • Costs: what does this channel cost you per day/month/year?

To make it a little easier for you, we have put everything together for you in a handy worksheet that you can download here.

Worksheet to map digital channels

Digital channels that you can apply

Which digital channels are available is no longer a secret for many online marketing managers. But there may be other applications that you had not thought of before. We list some ideas below.

  • Email: you can use email for newsletters, but you can also set up complete funnels with it. These are automated e-mail messages that are sent to your target group during a certain period. You can offer something new in every email to stay relevant and interesting. Ideal for the Awareness and Evaluation phase.
  • My environments: a my environment gives you the options to offer your customer a service after he or she has registered with you. The big advantage of mining environments is that you cross device can see your customer's movements.
  • Portals: a website as a special environment in which you offer specific services. For example, a portal to automatically create quotations. Handy for your customer and it makes your work a lot more efficient.