Last Tuesday was Google Marketing Live in San Jose California. Because it was also warm in the summer in the Netherlands, we stayed at home, but luckily we were able to follow everything via the livestream. Did you miss that one? No problem, it is also on YouTube and we have listed a few interesting things for you here (below the video).

Responsive Search Ads

According to some, this is the biggest innovation in Google Ads since 2016: the responsive search ad. Where you currently create an advertisement with one title and one description, you will soon be able to specify up to 15 titles and up to 4 descriptions. This allows you to create 43.680 different advertisements by combining these titles and descriptions. Fortunately, you don't have to do that combining yourself, that's what a little Google magic will do for you. By applying smart algorithms, Google tests which combinations work best. After a while, Google knows exactly which ad converts best based on the user's keywords, device or search history. Automatically AB testing So! Later this year, Responsive Search Ads will be made available to all advertisers.

Cross Device Reporting

One of the most difficult things for a marketer to figure out is: which online journey the customer takes. A customer may first check your product on his mobile, view some additional information on his laptop a few days later and then purchase the product in an enthusiastic mood via the iPad on the couch. As a marketer or site administrator, it is difficult to see which order and route the customer takes if he keeps switching devices.

With Cross Device Reporting, this should all be made a little more transparent in Google Analytics. Anonymized, and only if the user gives permission, Google keeps track of which devices and in which order a visitor has viewed your website. This gives you more insight into the customer journey and you can better optimize for it in the future.

Map the speed of your landing pages

In the new Google Ads environment, information will also be available about the speed of your landing page that you hang behind the advertisement, the so-called Mobile Landing Page Speed ​​Score. Speed ​​of your landing pages is important: 50% of visitors will abandon a potential purchase if the landing page they are looking at is slow, according to Google's Anthony Chavez. Immediately seeing how fast your landing page is is super useful. Although you can also check this with PageSpeed ​​Insights, for example, the advantage of the Mobile Landing Page Speed ​​Score is that it is updated for you every day.

Local ads

According to Google, search volume for local terms such as “bakery near me” has increased 2 times in the past 3 years. And that in turn offers opportunities for advertisers who would like to have their customers in a store. Google responds to this with the so-called “Local Ads”. The advertiser enters its location and provides some creative material such as photos. Google presents these ads when customers use a local search term and are nearby. Ideal to get more visitors to your store!

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