Bring every year HootSuite en WeAreSocial their annual Global Digital Report. In this investigation report you will find all conceivable figures about current internet use. Which social media platforms are used most often? How much do we spend annually in web shops? Which devices do we use the most? We have gone through the report and present the most important numbers for the Netherlands below!

Internet usage

Of the roughly 17 million inhabitants in the Netherlands, 16.38 are internet users. 11 million Dutch people use social media, of which 9,8 million also use it via their mobile phone. 97% have a mobile phone and 87% have a smartphone. That is the same as the number of people who have a desktop computer (87%). 61% of Dutch people have a tablet.

On average, Dutch people spend 4 hours and 50 minutes on the internet every day. We spend an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes on social media per day. We stream for significantly longer, an average of 2 hours and 52 minutes.

Use of devices and social media

The average Dutch visit comes from a desktop device in 58% of cases. That percentage has decreased slightly compared to a year earlier. 33% of visits come via mobile and 9% via tablets. Tablet use has fallen by 8% year on year compared to 2016.

What do we do online and with which device? Many respondents indicate that they use a search engine. 58% of Dutch internet users say they do this via a smartphone, 72% via desktop. We naturally visit social media (52% via smartphone, 46% via desktop) and we watch videos (36% via smartphone, 40% via computer).

The most used social medium in the Netherlands is WhatsApp, 76% of Dutch respondents say they use it. This is followed by YouTube and Facebook (73%). Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter follow with 45%, 35%, 26% and 25% respectively.

E-commerce statistics: 8.7 million buyers in the Netherlands

Finally, some interesting e-commerce statistics. 8,7 million Dutch people bought something online in 2017. That is 2% more than in 2016. The size of the e-commerce market (B2C, excluding software and travel) is $2017 billion in 11,71 and the average turnover per customer for consumer goods is $1346 per year.

If we look at expenditure per product category, we see that in 2017 we spent the most money on “fashion and beauty” ($5,1 billion), followed by “travel” ($2,8 billion) and “toys, DIY ( do it yourself) and hobbies” ($2,2 billion). However, the largest year-on-year growth is in the product category “furniture and appliances” (+16%) and the relatively small category “foods and personal care” is also growing rapidly by 14%.

For more statistics you can Digital in 2018 report view for all global trends and statistics. There is also a version available with specifications per country, including the Netherlands.