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We previously wrote the book to help entrepreneurs & companies Digital clout where we help entrepreneurs achieve online success and enable growth. 

But what if you grow and the processes & tasks increase? You and your colleagues are busy with work that can also be automated. Automating processes can be achieved faster than you sometimes think. Let's start at the beginning and explain why automation is worth it. 

The purpose of online automation

The purpose of online automation is to make business processes simpler and more efficient. So that these time savings and cost savings or produce more output with the same input. 

Not everything can be done by computers.
That's right, some processes simply have human tasks and that's completely fine. But you can make it as easy & fun as possible to carry out work. For example, you can have Process A to E where B+C+D are automated and input and output are still controlled by people or vice versa of course!

When can you automate online? 

  • It is a repetitive task
  • The task requires no human input
  • The task must be consistent
  • The task must be error free

Staff training
To work in the most efficient way, it is important that staff fully understand the process. The better people and computers are attuned to each other, the smoother the entire process runs.

With online automation you not only replace lists and paper documents, but the aim is to work as efficiently, transparently and error-free as possible.

View 7 cases where automating online tasks has yielded immediate benefits.

Linking content from website to iOS & Android App

De website and two apps work fully together so that it no longer costs editors extra time to publish content on three different platforms.

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Link website & Apps
Link website & Apps

Social Media Integration & User Generated content

This site includes far-reaching integrations with social media such as Instagram. A good example of this is the photos from Instagram that are loaded onto the site. After clicking on the Instagram photo, the user can see the products and add them directly to the shopping cart. A nice integration in which the community & user-generated content is used for social proof in combination with sales.

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Automate online

Automate website translation process

A simple solution for all content placed on the website, which is automatically transferred to GlobalSight (online translation module). The translators receive an immediate notification, work on their project and the translations are automatically put back into the system for the web editors upon completion. In addition to automating this process, we have built in a number of automatic checks & updates so that we can minimize the margin of error even further.

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Online Automate Translations

Scalable news website (24+ sites) & automatic content distribution

Rolling out new cities was complicated, took a long time and was expensive. That had to be different.

We have devised & implemented techniques for this so that we can partially reuse current content and code, but it is easier for the editors to quickly roll out new cities. Several integrations have been made to allow different content systems to work efficiently with each other. Consider, for example, the vacancies on indebuurt.nl of the companies in the company directory, which are now linked so that all current vacancies are always visible per company.  

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Automate content distribution Online
Automate content distribution

Online order form

Sometimes you shouldn't make it more difficult than it is, we created a super effective tool for a franchise business.

With this tool, franchise branches of the Coffee company can place orders simply and quickly and the central distribution center has the necessary data immediately and clearly at hand. Less hassle & more effective than ever. 

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Automate orders

Make it as easy as possible for your relations & customers!

By linking postal codes and products, 79.000 Ymere tenants could see which sustainable improvements they could make to their home and request or order them directly online.

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Smart website links

Time saving: 5000+ members now do their own administrative processing and orders

The ability to adjust data via the current website for 5000+ members saves a lot of work and time for the editors and administration department. 

In addition, all reports that are important to lead a large association are immediately available with the most accurate data.

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Online Automation SalesForce WordPress link
SalesForce WordPress link

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