Can an online advertisement that someone has seen, but cannot remember, still have an impact on your business? Yes, according to a study On Device Research.

In this study, two groups were created. The first group saw online advertisements while surfing as is (the control group). A second group saw the same online advertisements but added with test ads, in other words, advertisements that were added by the researchers (the 'exposed' group). Respondents were later asked questions about those test advertisements.

Online advertisements and our memory

It became painfully clear here that our memories are not very good. Just over three-quarters of respondents (76%) who saw the online test advertisements cannot remember. Also interesting: there are respondents who claim to have seen the test advertisement, while they were in the control group and therefore never saw the test advertisement can not be purchased have (19%).

Do “forgotten” online advertisements still have an impact?

You would think that if respondents do not remember an ad, that part of your advertising budget would be a waste of money. Yet it is a bit more nuanced than you would expect. The researchers asked all respondents from both groups questions about the provider whose test advertisement was shown. Brand awareness and purchase intention were examined, among other things.

The researchers were curious whether the group that had seen the test advertisement but could no longer remember it scored differently on those metrics compared to the control group (the group that did not see a test advertisement at all). And that turns out to be true. Respondents who saw the advertisement but did not remember it scored 10,2% higher on brand awareness and almost 2% higher on purchase intention than the control group.

Conclusion: even if someone can no longer remember your advertisement, the information about your brand is still stored in the unconscious brain and that has a positive effect on you.

And what if someone does remember the ad?

Fortunately, if someone still remembers the advertisement, the positive effects are even more visible. Brand awareness, purchase intention and brand consideration all score much higher among people who have seen the advertisement and remember it compared to people who did not see an advertisement from the provider at all.

active memory of an online advertisement and its impact on brand awareness and purchase intention

Getting started with online advertising

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