A few months ago, Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor, was launched. More and more websites are switching to this new interface that offers a better experience for the user. Gutenberg is intuitively set up and makes filling content in WordPress even easier.

But what if you can also use Gutenberg's interface elsewhere? For example in a Laravel project? More programmers had that thought, because the Gutenberg interface was already developed by Frontkom made available for Drupal. Inspired by this case, we have worked hard in recent months to make the Gutenberg interface now also available for Laravel. Under the name Laraberg, this piece of technology is available to everyone free to use.

Why Gutenberg in Laravel?

At Van Ons we deal with various programming languages, frameworks and standards in our daily work. However, we have a preference for Laravel. The framework is open source, is growing rapidly in popularity and has an active community. How wonderful is it to combine the best of different worlds? How cool would it be if you could combine the convenience of the Gutenberg editor with the possibilities of Laravel? With that in mind, we started developing Laraberg.

The future of Laraberg

For now we are launching Laraberg as a beta version and it is available via Github available to the community. In the near future we will collect feedback from users and actively work on implementations ourselves. Based on that, we want to make Laraberg even better. On to more convenience for the user!