Amsterdam, May 21, 2014 – The possibilities of WordPress as software for online stores have been greatly professionalized in recent years. Using a webshop as a sales channel provides an additional order flow. This order flow must be included in your administration – preferably fully automatically.

Over the past two years, Van Ons has created a link between WordPress and Exact Online.

It is an honor to announce that we are now translating this link into a robust intermediary between all kinds of WordPress solutions and the Exact Platform.

The project name is Exact Push, and the platform will be launched in mid-June.

First links:

  • WooCommerce (customers and orders) to Exact Online
  • Gravity Forms to Exact Online

Benefits for entrepreneurs:

  • Low implementation costs (the connection is not a custom solution but a standard solution)
  • Administration always up to date
  • No manual work, so fewer mistakes

Linking saves time, money and a lot of frustration.

Product presentation (concept)

Connect your WordPress sites and shops with Exact Online.

WordPress & Exact Online – a rock-solid combination for entrepreneurs who take online seriously.

Interested in the WordPress & Exact Online connection? Contact Bas van der Lans.

Connect your WordPress sites and shops with Exact Online.