On May 27, 2003 came the first release of WordPress publicly available, which is exactly 11 years ago to the day. Back then it was created as a simple blogging tool with which you can quickly start your own blog, but now much more serious platforms and websites are being created based on WordPress. Last year, Van Ons created the world's first second screen application based on WordPress, for the TV program Koffietijd.

Van Ons has been working with WordPress since 2006 for a number of important reasons:

  1. Because you no longer have to think about 80% of the technology and you can put all your time and energy into making the other 20% as good and beautiful as possible.
  2. Because WordPress websites are already found very well by search engines 'out of the box'.
  3. Because the simple interface gives you a lot of control over the content and appearance of your website. Writing and working on your website is fun in WordPress!
  4. Because you don't just have to build websites with it. Van Ons has already built mobile and Facebook apps, intranets, web shops, social networks and even a second screen application, all controlled from WordPress.
  5. Because The New York Times, CNN, Pepsi, Spotify and The Wall Street Journal, among others, work with WordPress. Pop stars Katy Perry and Jay-Z also use it! In the Netherlands, North Sea Jazz Festival, VPRO, iPhone Club, Autoblog, Emerce and Radio 538, among others, manage their sites in WordPress. Running in total almost 20% from the Internet to this software.

On to the next 11 years!