No WordCamp without From Us! In addition to being a co-organizer (Bas is one of the organizers), we will also have a strong presence this year with two speakers: Robert, our co-founder, and online producer Jeffrey will take the stage. Because October 14 is still a while away, we interviewed both gentlemen to provide a glimpse of the WordPress veil. It's Jeffrey's turn!

Hi Jeffrey. Why is your story important enough to tell at WordCamp Netherlands?

Linking WordPress to Salesforce, or other software, is super fun and challenging to do! It also enables you to use 'the right tool for the job'. WordPress is excellent as a CMS, but storing thousands of customer data and segmenting them, for example, is better done with Salesforce.

Salesforce is very popular and I therefore use it as a common thread throughout my story. But I'm going to talk about other links too 🙂

Connecting with WordPress, interesting topic! Can you give an example of a cool case?

We are currently working on a game application for children with learning disabilities. All game data ends up in Salesforce and becomes visible to players on a WordPress website.

Furthermore, remains my personal favorite. This DJ's tour schedule is available on Google Maps. The data comes from another tool, which contains the concerts of all artists worldwide.

What do you expect from WordCamp Netherlands?

This year WordCamp will be a lot bigger again, I think! Furthermore, I always enjoy seeing what kind of cases come along, so that I discover how others use WordPress. At Dutch WordPress agencies, I suspect that WordPress as a CMS is increasingly of secondary importance. That is a good development, because it shifts the focus to smart and practical applications. At the same time, I hope that we continue to find solutions within WordPress, because it remains a wonderful CMS.

What will happen to WordPress between now and 2020?

I hope that the WordPress Admin will be greatly improved. Widgets and menus are now drag-n-drop, but they are still very unclear to the average customer. Everything in the admin that your grandmother doesn't fully understand must be removed; the simplicity is the reason why someone chooses WordPress instead of another CMS.

The flexibility and effectiveness of the code can also be improved. We try to approach everything object-oriented. It is time for WordPress to join in with these types of developments.

In the longer term, WordPress will integrate better and easier with other software. The WordPress interface is therefore becoming increasingly important. It's already good, but it could be even better.

No ticket but want to go to WordCamp Netherlands?

WordCamp Netherlands 2016 is sold out. Do you still want to be there? Then you can become a micro-sponsor. This way you contribute to the WordPress community in exchange for a free ticket. You will also receive a place of honor on the WordCamp Netherlands website. More information can be found here.

Goodbye, see you WordCamp!