No WordCamp without From Us! In addition to being a co-organizer (Bas is one of the organizers), we will also have a strong presence this year with two speakers: Robert, our co-founder, and online producer Jeffrey will take the stage. Because October 14 is still a while away, we interviewed both gentlemen to provide a glimpse of the WordPress veil. We'll start with Robert!

Hi Robert, why is your story important enough to tell at WordCamp Netherlands?

During my talk I will show the audience how you can integrate numerous features into WooCommerce. You can use some of these functions fairly easily for your webshop. This way you can create a much richer shopping experience with relatively little effort.

Great! Can you give us one glimpse of the veil?

Of course. I will tell you about the Joolz case, among other things. The Joolz webshop is very extensive and has been optimized extensively over the years. Some optimizations worked very well, others less so. I think the lessons we learned from this are very valuable for other entrepreneurs with a webshop. Take the checkout flow for example. It must be very logical; for example, make sure that it is clear what customer information is missing when an order form is incompletely completed. It seems obvious, and it is, but these kinds of details often have a significant impact on the conversion.

What do you expect from WordCamp Netherlands?

I have been attending WordCamp Netherlands for years and have come to know the event as a valuable experience where a lot of knowledge is exchanged. Of course thanks to the talks, but also by connecting with the many interesting visitors. Everyone is very approachable, a chat is easy. That's typical WordCamp, it's fun and you always go home with a bunch of new ideas.

What will happen to WordPress between now and 2020?

I think WordPress will focus more and more on making the back-end more flexible. Users want to be able to add all kinds of things to their templates. WordPress has of course been known for years as the CMS that allows you as a user to do a lot yourself. They will certainly continue that line.

No ticket but want to go to WordCamp Netherlands?

WordCamp Netherlands 2016 is sold out. Do you still want to be there? Then you can become a micro-sponsor. This way you contribute to the WordPress community in exchange for a free ticket. You will also receive a place of honor on the WordCamp Netherlands website. More information can be found here.

See you at WordCamp!