More than 17% of the top 1 million websites worldwide run WooCommerce. It is the fastest growing platform in the online shopping world. The rapid growth and high adoption is not just that: it is the most flexible open source solution for entrepreneurs and online marketers who sell online. Three inspiring Amsterdam WooCommerce cases from Van Ons' portfolio!

WooCommerce plays an important role as a marketing and sales channel or – as with CoffeeCompany – as a back-office tool.

Here are three special companies with advanced WooCommerce cases and roots or a head office in Amsterdam.

Joolz – webshop in 11 countries

Company: Joolz believes that happy parents make happy babies. And it is clear year after year that the beautiful sustainable strollers make parents happy. Van Ons has been the WordPress / WooCommerce partner of the beautiful brand Joolz for years.

Special: Under the hood there are in-depth links with CRM systems and marketing automation. Two things are visible: the extensive configurator for your stroller and the number of countries. At the time of writing, the shop is available in 11 countries!



Website: My Joolz (NL), My Joolz (international)

ThePhonelab – brilliant customer journey

Company: Is your phone or tablet broken or damaged? You no longer HAVE to go to a shabby shop to have it repaired. The Phonelab will repair your device in no time, including in Amsterdam! And how? At the time of writing, they score a 9.5 out of 10 calculated from 2619 customer reviews!

Special: Click through The Phonelab's website and discover how brilliantly the customer journey has been developed. This is a textbook example of how not an existing theme, but really the customer journey has been leading in building the WooCommerce shop.

Website: The Phone Lab

Coffeecompany – B2B automation

Mockup with the Coffeecompany site

Company: The very first Coffee Company opened its doors in 1996. There are now 35 branches in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Groningen, Leiden, Rotterdam and Delft and a roastery/tasting room in Amsterdam. Each with a unique place nearby. There are regular performances and there is room on the wall for local designers and artists.

Special: We created a B2B portal with WooCommerce for Coffeecompany. Branch managers or employees log in and receive an overview of the products to be ordered. With just a few clicks they order what they need in the stores at their own distribution center:

“The new tool has simplified some time-consuming processes. I now have the correct data at the touch of a button and branch managers can perform stock counts over the telephone.”

Jacintha Benjamin – Coffee Company


Coffee company

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