Tilburg, July 7, 2015 – Van Ons launched its third Beacon App this week with partner Media599. This in combination with a world first: the first case with Beacons attached to animals. Van Ons is proud of this third Beacon App in the App Store. Available from yesterday on iOS & Android. The 't Valleike App brings education from the classroom to the petting zoo!

Alpaca Beacon TelegraphThe launch did not go unnoticed. De Telegraaf, among others, wrote full-page, with the headline: “'Appaca' Cezar broadcasts”.

Behind the scenes at 't Valleike, we are continuously working on innovation and development of the petting zoo, both in terms of the range of animals on offer and in the field of education. This keeps up with the times and also uses the latest technological developments.

“By leading the way with innovation, we reach new target groups and ensure that petting zoos remain part of the street scene!” – Rogier van Rossem

Beacons take you on a journey

Small devices, so-called beacons, have been placed everywhere in the petting zoo. Visitors who have downloaded the Valleike app and have Bluetooth turned on will receive a notification when they come close to one of the beacons. The beacon then provides information about a specific animal species or about the nature in the area. An entire route through the petting zoo can be made in this way.

Moreover, you can also play a fun quiz at the same time that is included in the app.

The information and locations of the beacons will change regularly, so that it remains fun to use the app. 

New in the Netherlands, unique in the world

This project is new in the Netherlands. Petting zoo 't Valleike is the first petting zoo in the country that has its own app that, depending on where you are, shares educational information in an interactive way.

In addition, 't Valleike also has a worldwide first. One of the beacons is carried by the largest and woolliest residents of the petting zoo!

Waterproof Beacons

Waterproof Beacons from Kontakt.io were used for the Alpaca Beacon case. This Beacon case is the first public case with this so-called Tough Beacon. We will present this case internationally at the end of July.

100% safe for Alpacas

Safety comes first: the beacon is attached to a halter that the alpaca is already wearing. This way, the alpaca itself will not experience any inconvenience from the beacon.

“With this app we use technology to increase learning efficiency. We have attached beacons to alpaca Cezar in an animal-friendly manner.” – Rick Houweling

Download the app and come visit

From now on you can use the Valle app download for free from the App Store and Google Play market. Once you have downloaded the app, we cordially invite you to join us on a (digital) journey through the petting zoo. You will then become acquainted with our animals, the environment, sustainability and much more! Don't forget to play the quiz!

Download the App from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

View the Alpaca Beacon Case in Van Ons' Portfolio here!