Van Ons launches website in collaboration with BKB and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Campaign agency BKB tells stories and raises issues that they consider important. Equal Opportunities is an issue raised in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The aim is that every child can develop to his full potential, regardless of his background, the education level of his parents or their financial resources.

There is a partnership in which teachers, parents, schools, employers and social organizations are committed to ensuring that every child has equal opportunities to develop their talents. Experiments will be conducted at 20 schools in large cities with teachers to coach disadvantaged students or colleagues. About 10.000 parents with low language skills will also be coached and receive support in raising their child(ren).

Van Ons created a website for BKB that went live on October 31. Last Monday there was also a presentation in which the measures were announced by State Secretary Dekker and Minister Bussemaker.