It made everyone at the table laugh. “If we were to do it ourselves, it would take us 6 months.” I was sitting across from the communications department of a mid-sized software company. They hired Van Ons for their own new website. There is no shortage of knowledge because this customer almost exclusively employs programmers who implement complex, enterprise software solutions. Yet they choose to have the site built by Van Ons.

'The shoemaker's children walk barefoot'

While there is a difference in specific web and software programming languages, programmers are programmers. However? This customer could have easily put together their own site if customer projects didn't keep popping up. To avoid having to spend at least six months, experts were called in: an external designer and the web specialists from Van Ons.

We are increasingly joining software makers and start-ups with their own team of programmers. That's nice because you can discuss endlessly about the best technical solutions, but it's also a pitfall. You can therefore lose a lot of time in (technical) discussions! Mutual acceptance of everyone's expertise is useful, then a good product can be realized quickly.

We fulfill this role for, among other things:

AG5 makes cloud software for companies (for example for ProRail and Defense) to monitor employee certificates and training. For the realization of became the German design agency Upstruct turned on and we took care of the technology. An external SEO consultant was also involved to spar with us.

Hello Rose creates a comparison platform with a small team to set 'alarm clocks' that alert you to the expiration of your health insurance and many other subscriptions. The blog, created by us based on WordPress, is nicely integrated into the style of the website.

In December 2014 'Roos' Telegraaf Starter of the Week.

Trivento advises and inspires on innovation and optimization for clients such as the Municipality of Amsterdam and the National Postcode Lottery. They convert findings into software, and many programmers and consultants with extensive technical knowledge work there. A new site we have built will soon be launched on which every visitor should see in a short time what Trivento can do for them, even if the visitor lacks that technical knowledge.