Utrecht, November 6 – Van Ons has been in regular contact with various departments at Exact since June. Exact is a strong leader in the field of Business Software and Van Ons creates high-end solutions for great brands. We meet on a technical level. “Working with Exact provides insight into the results of your company. Real time.” said eFusion. “Without Exact Online I would have been blind during the growth from six to 22 people in a year and a half.”

Just a few insights gained at Exact Live:

  • App Center Partners prefer to collaborate rather than compete.
  • Mindset of the Cloud department is very progressive: let's make this app ecosystem work.
  • Exact is able to mobilize 4.000+ enthusiastic accountants, entrepreneurs & other users to come together. Wow!

“Specialization is the key to success in doing business in IT.” according to Willem Overbosch, among others SME Service Desk.

Overbosch listed four trends for 2015, which he extracted from analysis and research among his more than 350.000 monthly visitors.

Four trends from Willem Overbosch for 2015

1. From scarcity to abundance

Platforms like Fiver give us access to infinite.
New revenue models: letting divers plant new coral on Bonaire.

2. From overload to connected learning

Many educators agree: our educational system needs an update. An example: do you want to learn to play chess? Don't wade through an endless number of books, but register on platforms such as Chesscademy to master the sport of chess - connected with other enthusiasts.

3. From privacy to trust as a means of payment

Examples are ParkFlyRent. Have your car rented out while you are on holiday. Or earn by letting strangers sleep in your house. You give up some privacy (it's my house or car) in exchange for another benefit.

4. from text to image

“The new generation is visually oriented. Nothing new under the sun. Older people still read texts relatively often, while young people (say: everyone under forty) absorb images better than text. And not just that little bit, research shows.”

Three days after watching a video, more than half of viewers (58 percent) are able to repeat the content. For text it is 10 percent.

The rest have simply forgotten that the text was viewed and, if they remember, have no idea what they have read. Quite shocking.

Is image too expensive? Give Fiver a try, says Overbosch. Not for all media productions, but for creating simple graphic material based on your briefing, it is worth a try. Don't you dare? Considering the much higher impact, it is certainly worth the investment to free up a budget for graphics and images.

Exact Online Apps from Van Ons: connect Shopify, WordPress & Exact Online with our Apps!

Since this week, there are not one, not two, but no less than three Van Ons products in the Exact Online App Store. Van Ons makes beautiful products with and for Exact Online users. More than reason enough to attend Exact Live for the third year in a row in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

  • WordPress WooCommerce & Exact Online connection – the invoices, customers & products from your webshop in your administration in real-time
  • WordPress Gravity Forms & Online connection – your leads, requests & support real-time in your CRM
  • Shopify & Exact Online – the invoices, customers & products from your webshop in your administration in real-time (more information about this link soon)

Powerful business software – we believe it and we make it. Van Ons is proud of the collaboration with Exact Online!