“Every site built is the best site ever.” – that can only be achieved with a great team. And a great team is only created thanks to great mothers. That is why Van Ons is putting the Van Ons mothers in the spotlight for the second year in a row. First with drinks and an interactive quiz at the office, then with dinner at our old neighbors: Bistro 'Bij Ons' (also founded in 2006).

Founders Bas van der Lans and Robert van Eekhout: “When we had the idea to organize a Mother's Day for Van Ons' mothers at the end of 2016, we didn't hesitate for a second, it had to happen!”

The invitations alone were a success. Several mothers expressed this pride to colleagues, family and friends shown to have. The great turnout and nice reactions meant that we organized Van Ons Mother's Day again this year:

“Only in a safe environment do you dare to bring your family to 'work'. We are proud that our team and the Van Ons mothers are so enthusiastic about this evening. Not only is it incredibly fun, meeting each other's family creates a bond!”

From Us' Mother's Day 2018
From Us' Mother's Day 2018

We would also like to thank all mothers, the Van Ons employees and – last but not least – developer Lisa who took charge of the organization this year.

We wish every mother such a Mother's Day!