Van Ons has been named FD Gazelle 2017 and thus joins the group of 754 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The award is presented every year by Het Financieele Dagblad to companies that have achieved a turnover growth of more than 20% in the past three years.

Robert van Eekhout and Bas van der Lans about winning the award: “We are of course very proud of this. We have been creating websites for the best brands and companies with great passion and pleasure for almost 11 years and the fact that we now belong to this group of fast growers feels like a icing on the cake. Above all, it is a huge compliment for our team and shows that we have found a working method that works.”

Analysis by the FD among this year's Gazelles shows that the fast growers spend an average of 6% of their turnover on innovation. This is higher than the average of 2,1% calculated in the Innovation Monitor of Erasmus University.

At Van Ons we firmly believe that innovation is the key to growth. That's what we have on January 1 of this year From Our Lab was founded in which we, or in collaboration with customers, develop ideas and dreams into tangible prototypes. And our team also spends a lot of time on development and innovation. In our Cowlabs, the developers at Van Ons are given space to make demos and try out techniques that they think are the future. Innovation is progress!

Van Ons is still competing for the Golden Gazelle Award, which will be presented on November 14 in Leiden.