Amsterdam, December 16, 2015 – Van Ons and the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation signed a sponsorship contract last week. This makes Van Ons a proud sponsor of the pink event of the Netherlands and Europe in 2016. Together with the Amsterdam Gay Pride foundation, we are creating the official website of the event: Pride.Amsterdam.

Van Ons Logo Sponsor EuroPride 2016Amsterdam is organizing the Europride in 2016. The European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA) announced this. In 2016, the Europride will coincide with the Amsterdam Gay Pride.

Amsterdam councilor Eric van der Burg confirmed the choice by sending a tweet:

“There will be wonderful parties and debates for two weeks. After that, the Canal Parade will become bigger than ever”
– Eric van der Burg, Amsterdam Alderman opposite AT5.

EuroPride puts Amsterdam on the international map!

“It gives the city a European label and links pride to the fight for human rights. With the Europride in Amsterdam we can show the rest of Europe what we stand for as a city. 'We are proud'.”
- Gerolf Bouwmeester, Spokesperson for Diversity in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Gay Pride has taken place annually in Amsterdam since 1996 during the first weekend of August. Hundreds of thousands of visitors attend this event every year.

Amsterdam Gay Pride From Us

This edition – under the heading EuroPride 2016 – lasts 15 days: the twentieth edition of the 'Amsterdam Gay Pride' will take place from July 23 to August 7, 2016 in Amsterdam; the most famous part – the Canal Parade – takes place on Saturday, August 6.

“Thanks to Van Ons' sponsorship, we can take our website to a EuroPride-worthy level!” – Ruben Nederpel, Event Manager Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation

Van Ons is a proud sponsor of this positive event!

Van Ons sponsor EuroPride 2016