The Internet of Things will have a major impact on how we will live in our homes and in the city. But how do you design this future? Visit ThingsCon and be inspired by the best designers and thinkers about the new connected world and products. From her role as Beacon Meetup organizer is Van Ons media partner of ThingsCon 2015.

ThingsCon is a conference about the future of the hardware industry, with a special focus on the Internet of Things and the design of new products and services that combine software and hardware.

“iBeacons are an important component of the Internet of Things. That is why we are happy that the iBeacon network of the Netherlands is involved in ThingsCon through Van Ons. We hope that we can welcome many iBeacon specialists on December 4 and that we can discuss with them how to design the future with the Internet of Things” – Marlies Hakvoort, iMMovator

ThingsCon will take place this year on December 4 at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam.


Design the future with the Internet of Things

Adventurous Designers, whiz kids and IoT pioneers from all over the world come together for a series of hands-on workshops, intimate sessions and an international line-up of renowned speakers.

Presentations at ThingsCon 2015 include:

  • Airbnb_Logo_Bélo.svgClaire Rowland, author of the O'Reilly book 'Designing Connected Products'
  • Matt Cottam, CEO of Tellart, known for high-profile projects such as Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum of London
  • Martijn The, software engineer at Pebble and involved in the design choices of this smart watch
  • Vadik Marmeladov, creator and designer of the famous Lapka sensor kit, now at AirBnB.
  • Nadya Peek, Dutch pride at the MIT Bits and Atoms lab in Boston.

In addition to a program full of cutting-edge presentations, ThingsCon also focuses on deepening and exchange in focused sessions. Various hands-on workshops and inspiring master classes are organised.

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