On Friday, November 29, Van Ons was well represented during the WordPress Meetup Amsterdam held at the office of Albelli. Marko Heijnen and Robert van Eekhout successively demonstrated the latest techniques used Arrangementenweb.nl. Arrangementenweb has built a high traffic website in WordPress using Multi-site and where an advanced search filter technique is applied.

In addition, it became Coffee time second screen presented that Van Ons developed together with MediaRepublic on behalf of Talpa. The second screen pushes specific content (games, content, polls) from WordPress to the client, which can then do all kinds of things with it. It is the first second screen application in WordPress that is highly flexible and allows intimate interaction with the user. The second screen can be used for television programs but also during conferences and seminars where the audience can be involved live. Read more about the second screen in WordPress application here.