Amsterdam, December 10, 2014 – Yesterday Radha Pleijsant (Sound and Vision) and Bas van der Lans (Van Ons) presented for the first time the iBeacons app that Van Ons built for Sound and Vision when they host Radio 2000's annual Top 2.

On the stage of Online Tuesday the two explained in 5 minutes how the app works and how the collaboration with Sound and Vision came about. The lesson? Enthusiastic people can go a long way in just a few weeks. Beacons are not yet used on a large scale and people will soon be able to use the application in the queue for the Top 2000 café to participate in a quiz.

Below is the video recording of the event where 11 other innovations, start-up companies, apps and services told their stories. The Sound & Vision app from 39:55:

First reaction from the jury: “It's very cool that things are now happening with iBeacons that allow you to express some creativity”.

Fun fact: more than 90% of the visitors in the room had already heard of iBeacons. Less than 10% have seen an app that uses them. We look forward to the statistics in a year's time!