On May 25 this year, the General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect, allowing greater control and insight into personal data for EU citizens. The introduction of the GDPR has quite a few consequences for the way in which website administrators and webshop owners must deal with the personal data they store on their website.

In November of last year, Van Ons launched the WP GDPR Compliance plugin that provides administrators of WordPress websites and shops with tips and advice to make their website GDPR compliant. We have been working hard on the plugin in recent months and since last Friday it offers - in addition to the integrations with WooCommerce, ContactForm7 and WordPress Comments - an integration with Gravity Forms.

What does the WP GDPR Compliance plugin do?

After installing the plugin, it will give you advice on the things you need to pay attention to to make your website GDPR compliant. Do you use comments, forms or login environments for customers? Then you have to pay attention, because from May 25 there will be certain rules that you must adhere to. The plugin shows what you should pay attention to.

More importantly, the plugin now offers integrations with Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, ContactForm7 and WordPress comments. The plugin helps you, among other things, place and customize checkboxes with which the user gives explicit permission for the processing of his or her personal data. With the WP GDPR Compliance plugin you can customize these checkboxes and add or remove them where necessary.

Roadmap for the plugin

For the future, we plan to expand the plugin with a number of other features. In addition to continuing to integrate other plugins, we are also working on a feature that allows the user to retrieve his personal data from the website. An important rule of the GDPR is that the visitor to the website has access to which data is known about him, how it is used in the website and with which other parties this information has been shared.

Op https://www.wpgdprc.com/roadmap/ you will be kept informed of the progress and roadmap of the WP GDPR Compliance plugin.

The plugin is too download from the WordPress Plugin Repository.