Web development agency Van Ons realizes the EuroPride 2016 Amsterdam app

Amsterdam, August 2, 2016 – Web development agency From U.S recently created a new version of the EuroPride 2016 Amsterdam app on behalf of the Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation. The app offers a new feature that allows approximately 450.000 visitors to vote live for the boats participating in the Boat Parade, the largest event during the EuroPride Amsterdam 2016. In addition, the entire EuroPride program is available offline via the app. Van Ons is passionate about Amsterdam Pride and, as a proud sponsor of the online platforms of EuroPride Amsterdam 2016, has developed the official website of the event in addition to the app: Pride.Amsterdam.

Vote live at the Boat Parade!

From Our EuroPrideVote with 450.0000 people simultaneously on the 80 boats during the Boat Parade while there is no stable internet connection in the city center? No challenge is too big for the creative nerds of Van Ons!

It works as follows: a profile with photo and description of all 80 boats is included in the app. Visitors can read information about the boats in order of passage and cast a vote - 1 to 5 stars. Because the internet connection is never stable during major events such as EuroPride Amsterdam, Van Ons has ensured that all voting functions also work without an internet connection. Once the user has an internet connection again at some point, all reviews will be sent to the dashboard. With all votes that have been sent, the organization has live insight into the ranking, which means that interim rankings can be shared during the Boat Parade.

“By adding the voting function to the app, we hope to contribute to a richer experience for visitors to the Botenparade. It's really great that the app makes the public even more actively involved in the parade and in our message for human rights in general and the acceptance and equality of LGBTI people in particular. We are happy that Van Ons has created a solution that also works without a temporary internet connection”
– Ruben Nederpel, Event Manager Amsterdam Gay Pride Foundation.

Bas van der Lans, co-owner of From U.S, adds: “It was a challenge to create an app that functions perfectly even without internet. As long as telephone companies do not have the technology in order, we will be extra motivated to be creative in our solutions. We look forward to the Boat Parade with a well-functioning app that hundreds of thousands of visitors can use without any problems and with pleasure!”

In summary: with the app you easily have the entire EuroPride Amsterdam program available offline, you are aware of the latest news and you can therefore vote for the boat parade participants via a five-star ranking.

The App is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store!

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